Practice makes perfect

I added in my schedule a free drawing class for all my students every Wednesday from 5:00 to 5:40 PM until June, I just want them to learn different  drawing techniques. I was surprised when four of my younger students came for the drawing classes. Roxana is four years old, Daniel is six yeas old, Andrey is seven years old and Kamilla is eight years old. They arrived almost half and hour early to reserved their spots. We started from picking from animals, cartoons, landscapes, flowers and still life photos. Then we sketched the shapes and connected the lines to make drawings, after that we gave details and finally we changed pencil HB for 9B to trace shadows and shines. Roxana drew a very nice elephant, Daniel and Kamilla drew a bird and Andrew drew four cartoon dogs. I was very happy went Roxana told that she loves my art class. In my opinion,  practice makes perfect, if you want learn how to draw you need to practice every day for fifteen minutes and in a few months you will see the difference. I am glad to teach these children and I hope more students come every week and learn a little bit how to draw.

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