Port Moody Art Studio – Mural

Port Moody-20130819-00878I spent many hours wanting to paint a mural in my art studio in Port Moody. I was not sure if it was a good idea, however, deciding was a great opportunity for my mind to relax. When I feel sad or I could not understand something, I found that painting relaxes my soul, and the next day everything is clearer. My daughters Sandra and Paola were my motivation to paint this mural in my children’s art studio and right now, I know that it was a great decision.

I have often thought that, painting on a wall is a waste of time and effort, but in this situation I was wrong, and I realized that I should paint murals more often. I found that while I was painting it, my soul was calm and relaxed. On the other hand my daughters taught me a love lesson, they injected youthfulness into me and with every moment I shared with them, I understood that my inner child was asleep, I wanted to cry out and play on the wall, like when we are little kids and we like to draw on the wall with crayons, we think that, we are making art. It was fun and I enjoyed it.

Port Moody-20130820-00883My two daughters Sandra and Paola spent more than 15 hours with me in my art studio. They painted some areas but I drew the picture and gave the big details. Then, we ate some “Poutine”.

It was a lot of work and it gave me a big satisfaction, too. Even more than that, it gave me a time to focus and to pay attention to what is going on in my life. This as well opened a new channel in my faith. I understood that right now I have a choice, and my choice is to enjoy my self with my family and that included my husband and my two daughters. Painting a mural is just one decision that love pushes us to make. Painting is also a type of love, and painting, is the most sensual, creative and best experiences that I can have.

IMG-20130823-009021 IMG-20130823-009081

I think that, that is another reason why I love to teach art for children. I work with children as they learn faster than adults and they are the future. Children love colors, forms, sizes, medias and I love all of them, too.

Finally, I am going to paint more hours and spend more good time with my family, I think that, my family and painting are my soul mates.