Pastel Portrait, Part 1

I really want to encourage my student in my art classes in Port Moody, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and Maple Ridge about the art of use soft pastel because it have been describe as painting as well as drawing.


I started drawing a portrait, I choose my boot camp teacher because he has a turquoise-grey eyes and this photo is fun. He is very young guy but very active.

For the basis of skin, I scraped the pastel Light Tan leaving him for dust. Do not over do it by scraping in large quantities. Scrape a little by little. White with pastel I have marked the points of light on the face to start the processes for volume of the face. Then fades trying harmonization the two colors, I can continue with the paper or start using your finger.

Pastel2Then, with the light soft pastel orange, paint the darker areas seen in the model and then starve with just your fingers. For darker shades, I can mistrust Earth colors like brown and Light Tan. The light ocher base color is always present in the process of balancing the painting stronger tones.That done, I changed for the Contè Crayons Pastel, which helps in accurate and fine features of the eyes, the nasal cavity, mouth, eyebrows and so on. After the face to perfect as well, making tweaks and more tweaks, softened a few lines before that are striking, as the line of the nose, eyes on inside, and always the points of light that exit in the face like the cheeks and lips. The male face usually has a bluish or grayish skin on the chin, mandibular and fluff, the color you should use these regions to clear skin, I suggest using pastel Bluish Grey.


Contour and some wires with soft pastel pencil. Then, I used the pastel to paint only the dark, interspersed with colors similar to the actual colors of the model’s hair in this drawing were used Earth brown, Light Tan and Yellow Ocher. After diluting the fingers.

As different than oil, when I draw the background is when my creativity comes in, I think that, I will be the best, that will harmonize with the photo, this could be only one color but I like to play with different colors, I always recommended the Children’s Art Classes in Port Moody to use the different techniques and play with the colors. I really like to explain my students in art class with a lot of detail the use the technique correctly and get the best blending. When I completed the smoky background and details, I returned to the hair and give the final finish. After completing the details of clothing, I like to check if I need to do some more improvement, how to retouch the background, eyes, hair, skin tone and so on.