Painting my pet

Last weekend was amazing for my family and for me. We adopted a puppy. Her name is Tootsie and she is a Pomeranian with a purebred heritage. She is very sweet and cute. She is four months old and she has Certified Pedigree. The first night my daughters could not sleep because Tootsie cried and she was uncomfortable in her new home. She was used to going to the bathroom on a pad for puppy now the challenge is to teach her to go to the bathroom outside when my daughters take a walk with her.
We will train her in a dog school and the responsibility will be in my daughters but I will supervise. After seeing all the photos we have taken with our new baby I’m thinking to paint more pets, I think that is a way to bring happiness to many people to love pets. Painting pets is something different to me, of course I have painted some but never thinking that I could bring happiness to others like me love dogs so I will start with Tootsie and I show you very soon her painting. Now, I enjoy my new baby

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