Here at Evelia Espinosa’s Art Studio in Port Moody, our student and art teacher Victoria Makovetski enjoy painting different techniques. When we asked Victoria about her painting she told us, “I was inspired and learn different techniques, I am always looking to learn more ways to apply the paint and connect withthe painting and the audience or viewer, nevertheless I paint to express myself with the choice of colour, I feel that, I have completed this painting and it gives offthe vibe I want it to, my next steps are to take my knowledge further and step out of my comfort zone”.

Much like Victoria, many students have created beautiful composition to express emotions and feelings. We always encourge our students to share their art work as they should be very proud of their hard work.

We are happy to hear that and we are glad that Victoria is part of our staff, especially because she is always open to learn differents ways to express herself. Similarly, we are happy to know that the students have been enjoying some of the new techniques we have implemented into their classes.