“Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them”.

Lady Bird Johnson

Kamilla’s Art Test 2012
Drawing By Kamilla Nyazullah


My passion for teaching in my art studio in Port Moody comes from watching my students flourish into beautiful artists. When Kamilla first started  was only a small child.





She was passionate about art and wanted to learn more. When she first started we held her hand and guided her by teaching her the different forms and techniques of art, specially oil on canvas, mixed media and drawing.

Drawing perspective by Kamilla Nyazullah


Many years later, we have let go of Kamilla hand and she has flown on her own. Now, Kamilla has grown into a beautiful young lady, she is constantly improving and finding new ways to master her skills




She is passionate and inspires both her fellow students and teachers. Seeing my students continuously post their art work makes me proud to be an art teacher.