I imagine…

One year ends and another one begins… the decorations, the Christmas tree and cards arestored in a box  and they will remain in our memories, now it is time to return to studying,learning and teaching. Our new purposes are fresh as lettuce, we are full of energy and the desire to learn and to do new things, our spirit is renewed with joy and we are encouraged to succeed, we are one anonymous hero, we are drawing our history and we are architects ofbuilding our future.
Just now, I’m at front of my canvas imagining a new master piece of art and I look throughthe window as if I’m trying to find the answer to a question … then I look my art studio and my eyes return to my canvas, I begin by drawing with some lines in different directions, mystrokes are soft and transparent, I imagine the sky… the sunset is red, orange, yellow, blue and grey then some trees that contrast with its shadow and the blooming green of the evergreens in the winter, I know this will be a great work of art; something stops me andreminds me of that big, fat, black crow that I saw a few days ago and I think it should be inmy painting, imagine it would be a good idea in one of the branches in the distance and without noticing I decide to include him to complete the drawings. Now, I imagine a ray of light between tree branches… so I decided to include it. It seems that the imagination of an artist is always wandering, creates new ideas and returns, this is art!

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