How to paint

Sometimes my students ask me who can paint as many occasions do not know where to start, I always recommend take a camera with them when they go for a walk or vacation asthe places they visit and the things that see like are the best photos for a new painting.
On the other hand, it is important to look at magazines, flyers, visit art museums or checkthe internet where you could find many ideas that always serve as reference for beginning a painting. As yet we do not know that painting is a great idea to take along a journal thatserve us every day to write whatever we like, such as a colourful sky, a cloudy day, a tree, a kids playing on the beach, a puppy eating ice cream or a cat cleaning her babies.
If you write in a journal your ideas is very easy to remember that when you want to start anew painting. I recommend that in addition to looking at all print media is important to do a collage in your journal that is going to be your reference for your new painting.
The most important thing is enjoy what you paint and if you feel tired from your painting you must change for another painting for keep your enthusiasm in your art.
When I teach in my classes I use art therapy with my students and allow them to change their techniques from drawing to use mono-printer or stamping,  so they do not get bored with the routine of their painting. However, enjoy your journal and use your camera all time.

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