The Candles of Hope, Faith and Love.

There are many times where I have wondered why we lose faith, hope and love … we walk the same path, look at the same sky and at the same ocean, trying to find answers to our unknowns.

The thought of finding you has crossed my mind a thousand times, to stop by and try to guess your face but there are only memories and broken dreams, hoping that no one will hear, yet piercing the silence and remain in time, to be heard and understood, you know my heart knows it can be understood, but this feeling has clouded my reason.the-candles-of-hope-faith-and-love1

I heard your silence, it came to me like a piercing cry of hope, and through time it is embedded in my heart. When I try to find if the shadows cover your essence, disguising your being and I find is where you are not.

I left footprints, marks, in my dreams and in my imagination, with the desire to be discovered, but encrypted only with a code my heart knows that nobody will never ever decipher it.


This afternoon, looking at my holy place I found lights on the horizon that approached me. I felt confused, vulnerable and scared, the sky was dark and I could not find answers. Pain comes over me slowly, and as I approach the lights were, I can only see small gleaming lanterns made of paper with the written words of love, faith and hope.

I realized thatthe-candles-of-hope-faith-and-love2 extraordinary times come and I felt lucky to be alive and I’m not afraid, I no longer need to shout in silence, and do not need to draw you in my imagination. I’m not alone, I realized that you will wait for me until my mission in life is fulfilled. You are my hope, my faith and my love.