Student of the Month June-2015

Victoriavictoria 1

For this month we have chosen our student Victoria. With a very heavy load this month Victoria has shown great intellect and dedication powering through the art test and preparing for the Children’s Art Festival. Victoria truly did a wonderful test with a great contrast with her monochromatic background and her very colourful side showing in the multicoloured candles.

Victoria showed us her great effort towards painting when she chose a difficult painting such as the “Queen of Hearts” from Tim Burton’s adaptation of “Alice in Wonderland.” Our student did not fret and impressed not only her classmates, but her teachers as well with her great effort towards detail and making sure that the entire painting was up to a high render and looked the part. She was preparing the queen for some head chopping!

This horse loving student did not stop there. She has painted anywhere from animals to semi-realistic people and done very well with all of them!

victoria 2Thank you Victoria for your enthusiastic effort. You are an awesome artist!

We love your fine art, you are an example of dedication and talent.

Victoria, you are one of the special Artist in our studio!!! Keep it going!