Student of the Month – December 2015


For our final student of the month of 2015 we have chosen Vanessa. vanessa_2Vanessa is a very kind and sprited student who has a very strong passion to create work that is always strong and well detailed. She is very kind and is always making all of us smile with her positive attitude and her fun way of being.

This student has painted many things and has showed us great curiosity with exploring new subjects. She has painted many different things ranging from Alice in Wonderland to colourful candles. No matter what her subject is Vanessa always puts in superior quality and always give time and detail to everything. Thank you for your curiosity.vanessa_1

Thanks Vanessa for your spirited effort. You are a fantastic artist!

We love your fine art, you are an example of dedication and talent.

Vanessa, you are one of the special Artist in our studio!!! Awesome!