Student of the month – April 2015

Eamon Tse
Eamon student of the month

Our student of the month helped create mixed media art this month. Fine Art is the most popular thing we see everyday. Our special artist is known for painting animals and cartoons. He likes to use oil on canvas and mixed media. He loves to draw and sketch with excellent detail. Eamon usually sketches before class while he waits and always creates wonderful drawings with plenty of detail which are filled with imagination and creativity.

Eamon is an excellent student with a lot of experience in cartoons, flowers, and landscapes. He paints with dedication; and he has been painting for 2 years. He displays his art at the Children’s Art Festival.

Eamon-art clases
Eamon-art classes-1

Thanks Eamon for your enthusiastic effort. You are a fantastic artist!

We love your fine art, you are an example of dedication and talent.

Eamon, you are one of the special Artist in our studio!!! Awesome!