Late forties

I started this painting three or four months ago in my art studio in Port Moody, Late forties  is a nude woman in her forties and this is the finished painting that I showed you in my last entry. This painting makes me happy because I got my inspiration from my certification at Emily Carr University when I studied Contemporary Art and I was very interested in the Feminist theory. This is my second nude painting, the first is a woman in the her early twenties. I think that every woman in her forties does not want to turn to botox or to any surgery because the signs of aging are even more obvious. Most women in their forties and fifties are beginning to feel an urge to change careers, strike out on their own, and stop minding the rules. Women in their forties feels that they need to do work that is meaningful both personally and for the community. They are also busy. They have households to run, teenagers to chase and keep tabs on, parents to appease, friends to keep in touch with, in-laws, ex’s, jobs and businesses to manage.

This painting is an assemblage fine artistic process. In the visual arts, it consists of making  two-dimensional composition by putting together found objects and mixed media technique. I used acrylic for the background, oil for the nude late forties woman, silk for the bed sheet and some found objects in my art studio in Port Moody to make the earring and the tattoo in her leg. I represented in this painting the beauty of women with cellulite, stretch marks due to age and sagging breasts, but ultimately are only outwardly, intelligence, wisdom, emotions and example as a woman are inside and that’s what eventually makes a woman beautiful regardless of origin or age. I will display this painting at Port Moody Art Association show in November 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, 2012.