Finger Painting

Keeping our minds healthy and occupied is extremely important, as such, I have come up with a third challenge in which your children can participate. This challenge is easy to do at home and requires a minimal amount of material.
I am challenging my students to do a finger painting. The Finger Painting Challenge is a technique that stimulates the children’s senses. (Touch/feel, sight, smell, edible finger paint) It helps a child’s intellectual development. The mixing of colors teaches your child about their colors and how to create new colors.
We are going to have a Classes every Tuesday at 5:00 pm, I am setting up FREE online classes on Zoom for my students, so we can stay motivated together. You will receive an invitation this week when I am ready to host it!
In order to make this more fun, I will be picking the top five submissions and they will receive a small art gift once classes are back in session.
To submit an entry, I will just require a picture of the finished painting to be sent to me. This contest will be closed on May 16th, 2020.
Supplies Needed:
– small canvas board
– acrylic painting (any colors that you have at home)
– Baby Powder (add some to the acrylic paint to thicken the paint)
– disposable plate for palette
– rag
I am excited to see all their paintings and I hope that they enjoy this little contest.
Let’s get through this difficult time together! We can do this!
Best regards,