Exploring Techniques

Here at our art studio in Port Moody, BC we not only encourage our students to express themselves artistically, but we encourage them to go beyond their boundaries by exploring new and different techniques.

“Cat-Nap” by Rebecca Tjandra

Above, our long time student Rebecca has gone past her boundaries and began to explore different surrealistic techniques. Here she has incorporated a realistic animal with vivid colours to create a creature not known in our reality. Although hesitant at first, Rebecca has managed to step away from realism and expand her imagination and understanding of different styles. She has throughly enjoyed working on her painting and hopes to incorporate similar surrealistic techniques in paintings to come.

Unfinished painting by Jayme Martin

Rebecca isn’t the only student that has gotten the chance to explore new techniques. Our student and teacher Jayme Martin has been able to take advantage of this movement in our art studio by adding various finger painting methods to her already through knowledge of oil. By using her fingers, Jayme has achieved a textured technique through the delicate manipulation of paint.