Warning, Emotional Post

Thursday, February 28th, 2019 was Tootsie’s last day. Tootsie had been battling with a severe form of liver disease which brought on pneumonia and heart disease. Tootsie fought hard, she attended her weekly trips to the specialist and the vet. Unfortunately, Tootsie’s last few days with us were hard, we watched her eyes fill with pain as she tried to be her normal self. Today, we decided that we did not want to see her suffer and as such made the difficult choice to put her down. Tootsie was a member of our family for 8 years. We loved her unconditionally and will miss her everyday.
In honor of my beautiful Tootsie, and in recognition of all those pets with which our children grow up, those who become a member of the family, I have the deepest gratitude.
Tootsie has been my inspiration, my little troublemaker and the most faithful of canines.
She used to greet me at the door every time when I came home from the gym or work. Many times she accompanied me to my studio and her photo occupies an important place on my desk in my art studio and in all hearts of my students who always looked at her and smiled.
Through my love for Tootsie, I taught my students in my art studio in Port Moody to draw their pets with love and find detail by using new techniques.
She made many good memories with me… she traveled to Mexico with us, she consoled me in my moments of crisis by barking and licking as to say “stop crying”.
Thanks Tootsie, for coming to this family and following me everywhere like a little duckling behind her mom.
Thank you Tootsie, for staying under my bed when I was tired, sleeping in the basket of dirty clothes, and for running down the stairs to accompany me in my daily tasks.
Seeing you leave is very sad, seeing your little eyes close destroyed my heart, but I have you in my mind and in my thoughts and there you will always live. I will love you for ever!