The Painting Experience

This is one of our latest drawings done by our student Jayme Martin at Evelia Espinosa’s Art Studio in Port Moody, BC. Recently we have implemented more creative drawings with our students such as bringing objects in the studio to life, called the “Personification” drawings, creating their own characters and ones such as this where they create an illustration style story. Here they learn the basic concepts of illustration such as, storyboarding, creating a mood, expressing their written stories with few or none words and other ideas that are essential for basic story telling.

In this drawing you see the two bears at a 4D art gallery where they can really experience the life of the paintings. When they’re looking at the first flower painting, which is alluding to Jayme’s previous painting of the “Pink Beauty”, a pink flower where she spend almost an entire year painting. Once they finish looking at the flower they move on to one of Van Gogh’s famous paintings “Wheat Field with Cypresses” where they find a button that states “Click here to really experience the painting”. A click away they find themselves truly immersed inside the painting. Jayme put so much hard work into her drawing.