He is the most faithful friend who will always be unconditionally by your side. He will watch you laugh or cry, he enjoys the walks by your side and he will be ready if you decide to throw a little piece of your food he will make sure the floor is clean.
This dog is the best friend of my friend, who gets excited every time she walks into her home. When she speaks to him, he feels his heart beats with joy and he will never leave her in her kitchen alone because he trusts in her unconditionally. So is Max, a member of my friend’s family who everyone loves because the day he arrived at his new home, it was received with joy.
Sometimes we need to remember we can find a good friend in a pet, that will fill us with joy those difficult moments that we all have. My friend Lily and Max are best friends and both are very special to me.
 Those who love dogs and let them become part of their family are very fortunate because they willl receive only love and fidelity.
I was glad to draw Max in Conté and Pastel.