Drawing with Soft Pastel

Here in our Port Moody Art Studio, we enjoy drawing with pastel techniques, pastels have been used by artist since the Renaissance, and gained considerable popularity in the 18th century.

Bell Peppers by Evelia Espinosa

A few of the more common techniques for applying soft pastels include: blending, scumbling and feathering. Each of these techniques produces a different effect on the surface.

Orange Bell Pepper by Evelia Espinosa

No matter wich technique is used, the goal should be to biuld up layers of pastel on the surface. This creates depth in color and furthers the illusion of form. These methods offer a few ways to achieve this goal and develop the drawing into a cohesive and successful pastel drawing, allowing for realistic drawings to be created.

I hope that our students, start exploring pastel techniques in the future, as I, Evelia have really enjoyed working with them.