• Kamilla

    “Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them”. Lady Bird Johnson   My passion for teaching in my art studio in Port Moody comes from watching my students flourish into beautiful artists. When Kamilla first started  was only a small child.         She was passionate about art and […]

  • Begginer Art Test

    In Evelia Espinosa’s Art Studio this week four students inished their art test. Svetlana was the first student to finished her writing and drawing test. Sveta got a very good score. She is a young girl whit special qualities, she is a beginner student, she likes to draw and paint cartoons. Sveta is a talented […]

  • Student of the Month – June 2016

    Saanvy Sharma We would like to congratulate Saanvy Sharma as she is June’s student of the month! Saanvy is a dedicated young girl, who strives to do the best she can every time she is at the studio. Throughout the years she has been with us Saanvy has not only grown as a person, but […]

  • Student of the Month – May 2016

    Shieva Mokhtar We would like to congratulate Shieva Mokhtar as she is the student of the month! Shieva is a hard working student that strives to better her artistic skills each time she is at the studio. She is very dedicated and assures that she puts in enough time to each of her pieces in […]

  • Student of the Month- February 2016

    Natalia Kuzmiszyn This month we have chosen Natalia Kuzmiszyn as our student of the month. Natalia is a very hard working student who takes her time and makes sure that she always puts in the best quality in all her work.

  • Student of the Month – December 2015

    Vanessa For our final student of the month of 2015 we have chosen Vanessa. Vanessa is a very kind and sprited student who has a very strong passion to create work that is always strong and well detailed. She is very kind and is always making all of us smile with her positive attitude and her […]

  • Student of the month- November 2015

    Rebecca Tijandra This month we have chosen this very talented and detail oriented student. Rebecca is a very calm and very passionate student who puts her all in every single painting. Her paintings always have plenty of detail and always made to a very high quality. She understands very well the aspect of composition and […]

  • Student of the Month October-2015

    For this month we have chosen our student Maggie S. This energetic artist has showed us great determination while painting an excellent palm tree in which she defined every single part of each branch! It was a very detailed painting that had great results! She also showed us a fun loving spirit with her new […]

  • Student of the Month September-2015

    Niusha This month you chose Niusha. Our September student of the month is automatically chosen by the “people’s choice award” winner. Niusha wowed everyone with her amazing painting “The Garden” inspired by one of Thomas Kinkade’s landscape painting. She incorporated multiple mixed media techniques as well as several oil techniques to get a three-dimensional surface on her painting. […]

  • Student of the Month June-2015

    Victoria For this month we have chosen our student Victoria. With a very heavy load this month Victoria has shown great intellect and dedication powering through the art test and preparing for the Children’s Art Festival. Victoria truly did a wonderful test with a great contrast with her monochromatic background and her very colourful side […]