• Finger Painting Challenge

    Finger painting is a popular activity for children. It’s not just an excuse for them to make a mess. Finger painting can be educational in the traditional sense. It harnesses social skills, physical skills, and cultivates creativity. The freedom to mix colors and try new things can help them take their mind off the stress […]

  • Painting Finger Challenge-Demo

    I am challenging Evelia Espinosa’s Art Studio’ students to do a finger painting. The finger painting is a technique that stimulus the children’s senses.. it helps child’s intellectual development. The mixing of colours teaches your child about their colours and how to create new colours. we are going to have a class every Tuesday and […]

  • Finger Painting

    Keeping our minds healthy and occupied is extremely important, as such, I have come up with a third challenge in which your children can participate. This challenge is easy to do at home and requires a minimal amount of material. I am challenging my students to do a finger painting. The Finger Painting Challenge is […]

  • You are in my heart

    In memory of my dog Tootsie.  

  • Kamilla

    “Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them”. Lady Bird Johnson   My passion for teaching in my art studio in Port Moody comes from watching my students flourish into beautiful artists. When Kamilla first started  was only a small child.         She was passionate about art and […]

  • Tootsie

    Warning, Emotional Post Thursday, February 28th, 2019 was Tootsie’s last day. Tootsie had been battling with a severe form of liver disease which brought on pneumonia and heart disease. Tootsie fought hard, she attended her weekly trips to the specialist and the vet. Unfortunately, Tootsie’s last few days with us were hard, we watched her […]

  • Enjoying the view

    Here at Evelia Espinosa’s Art Studio, my students and I, enjoyed drawing and painting landscapes. Canada has one of the most diverse and beautiful landscapes in the world, mountaints, prairies, lakes and rivers with many national and provincial parks to protect the habitats. Canada is the second largest country in the world. There are more […]

  • Canada 150th Anniversary

    The 150th Anniversary of Canada, occurred on July 1st, 2017 as Canada marked the sesquicentennial anniversary of Canadian Confederation. We were invited by Golden Spike Days at Rocky Point to display our Art Studio Paintings and give a live demostration of painting and drawing. A few students were envolved with this activity. We were glad […]

  • Painting with my Personal Touch

    Here at Evelia Espinosa’s Art Studio in Port Moody, our student Tiffany Lam painted in mixed media her art test with elegance and personal touch. Tiffany is one of our best student who attended art classes for the last three years, she always give her personal touch in evevy drawing or painting and it is […]

  • From the reality to imagination

    In our studio, Evelia Espinosa’s students have completed their artistic level art test with different perspectives, according to their own imagination and design, some of the exams were drawn while others were painted using mixed medias and oils. We have great artists who only need to be focused on the correct technique and open their […]