• Finger Painting Challenge

    Finger painting is a popular activity for children. It’s not just an excuse for them to make a mess. Finger painting can be educational in the traditional sense. It harnesses social skills, physical skills, and cultivates creativity. The freedom to mix colors and try new things can help them take their mind off the stress […]

  • Painting Finger Challenge-Demo

    I am challenging Evelia Espinosa’s Art Studio’ students to do a finger painting. The finger painting is a technique that stimulus the children’s senses.. it helps child’s intellectual development. The mixing of colours teaches your child about their colours and how to create new colours. we are going to have a class every Tuesday and […]

  • Finger Painting

    Keeping our minds healthy and occupied is extremely important, as such, I have come up with a third challenge in which your children can participate. This challenge is easy to do at home and requires a minimal amount of material. I am challenging my students to do a finger painting. The Finger Painting Challenge is […]

  • Winners

    Thank you to all our students that participated in our #stayathomechallenge. After much consideration we have chosen these five Zentangle Drawing Challenge as our winners! Congratulations to Felicity, Masha, Jaelyn, Esther and Sophia! Your Zentangle have been chosen as our winners!. All of the Zentangle Drawings submitted were marvelous but we chose these because they […]

  • Zentangle by Nisa Mofidi

    Our student Nisa Mofidi sent us this Zentangle Drawing Challenge. Your patters are very nice, well done and Happy, Happy Birthday Nisa!!

  • Zentangle by Iris Ye

    Our student Iris Ye sent us this Zentangle Drawing Challenge. Your patters are very nice and clean, well done!

  • Zentangle by Sophia Noguez

    Our student Sophia Noguez sent us this Zentangle Drawing Challenge, it is very nice, well done!

  • Zentangle by Kaylie Wyroslak

    Our student Kaylie Wyroslak sent us this Zentangle Drawing Challenge. This nice mosaic is a marvelous stepping-stone of creativity. Zentangle have a certain homogeneity. There is no doubt that the Zentangle process, with education on mindfulness combined with relaxing mark-making and calming. Well done!  

  • Zentangle by Damon Cherry

    Our student Damon Cherry sent us this Zentangle Drawing Challenge. This is a very classic and nice doodle. He used repetitive pattern is common. Artists will shift attention and become focused on their work, creating intricate patterns.Combination of patters and design is another way to be calming and self-soothing. well done!

  • Zentangle by Miriam Maceachern

    Our student Miriam Maceachern sent us this Zentangle Drawing Challenge. She took her mother’s name and divided it into geometric shapes. She preferred  this to going  around and around drawings the lines.