Canada 150th Anniversary

The 150th Anniversary of Canada, occurred on July 1st, 2017 as Canada marked the sesquicentennial anniversary of Canadian Confederation. We were invited by Golden Spike Days at Rocky Point to display our Art Studio Paintings and give a live demostration of painting and drawing. A few students were envolved with this activity. We were glad to help our community and display our student art work. Thanks all students!

Painting with my Personal Touch

Here at Evelia Espinosa’s Art Studio in Port Moody, our student Tiffany Lam painted in mixed media her art test with elegance and personal touch.

Tiffany is one of our best student who attended art classes for the last three years, she always give her personal touch in evevy drawing or painting and it is a plus that each student adds in their art work.  She was very happy tohave a nice composition on her art test. Great job!



The little flower in my Art Test

Here in our art studio in Port Moody Paola Cervantes drew a little flower in a few hours with prismacolor. Paola is part of our staff. She told us ” So here is my art test!, since it is art test season at the art studio, I decided, I wanted to join into the panic. Done in pencil crayon.”

This week our students will show their talent painting and drawing flowers.

Good luck!


Here at Evelia Espinosa’s Art Studio in Port Moody, our student and art teacher Victoria Makovetski enjoy painting different techniques. When we asked Victoria about her painting she told us, “I was inspired and learn different techniques, I am always looking to learn more ways to apply the paint and connect withthe painting and the audience or viewer, nevertheless I paint to express myself with the choice of colour, I feel that, I have completed this painting and it gives offthe vibe I want it to, my next steps are to take my knowledge further and step out of my comfort zone”.

Much like Victoria, many students have created beautiful composition to express emotions and feelings. We always encourge our students to share their art work as they should be very proud of their hard work.

We are happy to hear that and we are glad that Victoria is part of our staff, especially because she is always open to learn differents ways to express herself. Similarly, we are happy to know that the students have been enjoying some of the new techniques we have implemented into their classes.


Your sensitivity, your greatness and your abnegation remained asleep for many years, you don’t know where it came from. I don’t know if this is your mind, your heart, your feelings, your illusions or is it truly you. Your beautiful wings disintegrate in the air as does your life with your love.angel2

You are not alone… you are lovely, you have magic in your hand when you paint, you are my reflection in the mirror… it’s me.


Tree’s Heart

Trees are like human beings, they are all born upright but begin to twist and turn as they get further away from God and as they wait for the divine breath they form scars from the events and passing time.trees1
Even through all the adversity and misfortune they still stand there in the hopes that something better will come. Even though the years have made it suffer and its hard and tough bark does not let you inside its colours are still vivid and alive blending into the sky even though complementary colours never mix well together.
Sometimes, I thought I could take refuge in the shade of that tree and I often seek the embrace of its leaves but they only embrace my by the wind. I used to write poetry about the beautiful life of this tree until I discovered that its roots had dried and then I felt alone and helpless because my tree was dead .

The Candles of Hope, Faith and Love.

There are many times where I have wondered why we lose faith, hope and love … we walk the same path, look at the same sky and at the same ocean, trying to find answers to our unknowns.

The thought of finding you has crossed my mind a thousand times, to stop by and try to guess your face but there are only memories and broken dreams, hoping that no one will hear, yet piercing the silence and remain in time, to be heard and understood, you know my heart knows it can be understood, but this feeling has clouded my reason.the-candles-of-hope-faith-and-love1

I heard your silence, it came to me like a piercing cry of hope, and through time it is embedded in my heart. When I try to find if the shadows cover your essence, disguising your being and I find is where you are not.

I left footprints, marks, in my dreams and in my imagination, with the desire to be discovered, but encrypted only with a code my heart knows that nobody will never ever decipher it.


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Pastel Portrait, Part 1

I really want to encourage my student in my art classes in Port Moody, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and Maple Ridge about the art of use soft pastel because it have been describe as painting as well as drawing.


I started drawing a portrait, I choose my boot camp teacher because he has a turquoise-grey eyes and this photo is fun. He is very young guy but very active.

For the basis of skin, I scraped the pastel Light Tan leaving him for dust. Do not over do it by scraping in large quantities. Scrape a little by little. White with pastel I have marked the points of light on the face to start the processes for volume of the face. Then fades trying harmonization the two colors, I can continue with the paper or start using your finger.

Pastel2Then, with the light soft pastel orange, paint the darker areas seen in the model and then starve with just your fingers. For darker shades, I can mistrust Earth colors like brown and Light Tan. The light ocher base color is always present in the process of balancing the painting stronger tones.That done, I changed for the Contè Crayons Pastel, which helps in accurate and fine features of the eyes, the nasal cavity, mouth, eyebrows and so on. After the face to perfect as well, making tweaks and more tweaks, softened a few lines before that are striking, as the line of the nose, eyes on inside, and always the points of light that exit in the face like the cheeks and lips. The male face usually has a bluish or grayish skin on the chin, mandibular and fluff, the color you should use these regions to clear skin, I suggest using pastel Bluish Grey.


Contour and some wires with soft pastel pencil. Then, I used the pastel to paint only the dark, interspersed with colors similar to the actual colors of the model’s hair in this drawing were used Earth brown, Light Tan and Yellow Ocher. After diluting the fingers.

As different than oil, when I draw the background is when my creativity comes in, I think that, I will be the best, that will harmonize with the photo, this could be only one color but I like to play with different colors, I always recommended the Children’s Art Classes in Port Moody to use the different techniques and play with the colors. I really like to explain my students in art class with a lot of detail the use the technique correctly and get the best blending. When I completed the smoky background and details, I returned to the hair and give the final finish. After completing the details of clothing, I like to check if I need to do some more improvement, how to retouch the background, eyes, hair, skin tone and so on.




Art of Pastel: Between drawing and painting.

I had a course of Pastel at Emily Carr University last month and I want to encourage my student in my art classes in Port Moody, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and Maple Ridge about the art of painting with pastel because it have been describe as painting by some and drawing by others. In my opinion, the art of pastel is between drawing and painting.

1656282_743091995724214_537584365_nExplore the spaces and intersections between drawing and painting, as well as familiarity with materials in expressing ideas creatively withing spaces and composition with dust on paper was a very wonderful experience for me and also it is going to be for my art students, too.

The Children’s art classes in Port Moody is an excellent program for learn the different techniques of art like oil, acrylic, watercolor, mixed media, pencil, charcoal and pastel. I really like to explain my art students with a lot of detail the use the technique correctly.

For example, if I want to use a High Key can be light filled and warm or Low Key can be depressed sad and mysterious.

Port Moody Art Studio – Mural

Port Moody-20130819-00878I spent many hours wanting to paint a mural in my art studio in Port Moody. I was not sure if it was a good idea, however, deciding was a great opportunity for my mind to relax. When I feel sad or I could not understand something, I found that painting relaxes my soul, and the next day everything is clearer. My daughters Sandra and Paola were my motivation to paint this mural in my children’s art studio and right now, I know that it was a great decision. Continue reading