In our Art Studio in Port Moody, Paola Cervantes used oil on canvas and she painted a dog. Paola told us, “Muñeca” is a painting I made as a birthday gift for someone very special. This person recently moved and they would always tell me how they missed their dog and how that dog was their bestfriend through most of their youth. Unfortunately, I knew that it would be nearly impossible for me to find a way for him to be reunited with the dog because of distance and costs. I began to think what was the best way to, in the least, create a reminder of all the good memories he had shared with the dog and then painting a picture of her crossed my mind. This is why I decided to recreate this adorable picture of her.
I experimented with this painting, using both traditional paintbrush techniques as well as finger painting. This was a bit of a challenge because the canvas was not a very large one and it was hard to get the same definition of the hair strokes that you would get with a paintbrush and it was a lot easier to over blend the colours, not to mention that it was impossible to find a glove that fit my hand! Regardless of the obstacles the painting was very amusing to create and it taught me a lot about painting in a different style and finally brought me back to painting an animal which I had been avoiding. 


The Painting Experience

This is one of our latest drawings done by our student Jayme Martin at Evelia Espinosa’s Art Studio in Port Moody, BC. Recently we have implemented more creative drawings with our students such as bringing objects in the studio to life, called the “Personification” drawings, creating their own characters and ones such as this where they create an illustration style story. Here they learn the basic concepts of illustration such as, storyboarding, creating a mood, expressing their written stories with few or none words and other ideas that are essential for basic story telling.

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Your sensitivity, your greatness and your abnegation remained asleep for many years, you don’t know where it came from. I don’t know if this is your mind, your heart, your feelings, your illusions or is it truly you. Your beautiful wings disintegrate in the air as does your life with your love.angel2

You are not alone… you are lovely, you have magic in your hand when you paint, you are my reflection in the mirror… it’s me.


Tree’s Heart

Trees are like human beings, they are all born upright but begin to twist and turn as they get further away from God and as they wait for the divine breath they form scars from the events and passing time.trees1
Even through all the adversity and misfortune they still stand there in the hopes that something better will come. Even though the years have made it suffer and its hard and tough bark does not let you inside its colours are still vivid and alive blending into the sky even though complementary colours never mix well together.
Sometimes, I thought I could take refuge in the shade of that tree and I often seek the embrace of its leaves but they only embrace my by the wind. I used to write poetry about the beautiful life of this tree until I discovered that its roots had dried and then I felt alone and helpless because my tree was dead .

The Candles of Hope, Faith and Love.

There are many times where I have wondered why we lose faith, hope and love … we walk the same path, look at the same sky and at the same ocean, trying to find answers to our unknowns.

The thought of finding you has crossed my mind a thousand times, to stop by and try to guess your face but there are only memories and broken dreams, hoping that no one will hear, yet piercing the silence and remain in time, to be heard and understood, you know my heart knows it can be understood, but this feeling has clouded my reason.the-candles-of-hope-faith-and-love1

I heard your silence, it came to me like a piercing cry of hope, and through time it is embedded in my heart. When I try to find if the shadows cover your essence, disguising your being and I find is where you are not.

I left footprints, marks, in my dreams and in my imagination, with the desire to be discovered, but encrypted only with a code my heart knows that nobody will never ever decipher it.


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Student of the Month – June 2016

Saanvy Sharma


Saanvy Sharma 2016

We would like to congratulate Saanvy Sharma as she is June’s student of the month!
Saanvy is a dedicated young girl, who strives to do the best she can every time she is at the studio. Throughout the years she has been with us Saanvy has not only grown as a person, but as an artist as well. She is very dedicated and assures that she puts in enough time to each of her pieces in order to get the best quality possible.

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