Children’s Art Festival

Discover the Beauty and versatility of oil painting. Soft and delicate as well as wildly expressive. Classes go way beyond what kids do in school setting.


Children’s Art Festival 2013

  • Port Moody Civic Centre Gallery

    We will display over 300 paintings
    Exhibition: June 5th – June 14th

  • Painting and Drawing Demo on Saturday, June10th, 2017 from 10:00 to 4:00 pm.

Painting Demos

Drawing Demo

Children’s Art Festival is a show held at Port Moody Civic Centre Art Gallery every summer since 2007

The CAF is created to promote and spread the art as part of inherent creativity of children and to touch our inner world, help us understand and interpret the outside world.

At CAF students have the opportunity to show the work they have done during the year, this way they can share with their family members and the community the result of their effort and talent.

There are also live demos every hour where students are painting on site.

Please visit the previous Children’s Art Festival galleries below, to see what students have acomplished.

Video from Children’s Art Festival

Children’s Art Festival Galleries

Let your child become a part of the Children’s Art Festival experience. Contact Evelia Espinosa about her Coquitlam area & Port Moody Art Classes today.